The #ten98 campaign

'In order to be effective,
truth must penetrate like an arrow…
and that is likely to hurt.'

-Wei Wu Wei


Children worry as much as adults do. They worry about homework. They worry about being popular in class. They worry about monsters under the bed. But they should never be forced to worry about abuse of any kind. They should be provided a childhood that is happy and carefree.


#ten98 is an honest, unbiased campaign with a series of short glimpses into the dark side of our society, where crimes happen to children right in front of our eyes. Each film is a snapshot of the terrors that prey on the innocent.


This campaign is a self-funded citizen initiative with responsible citizens from all walks of life coming together to make a difference. And our aim is to propagate this message and make you remember one single helpline number that could make all the difference in the life of a child in danger somewhere.


1098. These four digits could save a child from prostitution. This number could put an end to the neighbour's abuse. This number could, literally, save the life of a child. So let us remember it. Let us talk about it. Let us tell our kids the number. Let us spread it far and wide. And let us make a difference to every child’s life.

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